About Anthony | ASPF Solutions LLC

Hi, I’m Anthony

Even though I have an associates and bachelor’s degree in business management specializing in finance at Stony Brook University, I actually started my journey in the world of finance at a very young age, by looking into travel programs through credit cards. Though it was tricky, I still got a lot out of it in the end.

That process then led me to learn to dig deeper into the ‘Financial Matrix’ which proved to be very useful in solving financial problems that most entrepreneurs encounter nowadays such as credit card debt (high utilization), limited savings and living paycheck to paycheck.

I started practicing what I’ve learned and began investing using my hard earned money from working in restaurants and law firms. The techniques I’ve learned helped my investments grow rapidly and built my wealth steadily regardless of how much I was making at my job that time.

To further enhance my capabilities and in order for my ‘Financial Backbone’ to evolve; I invested in a mentorship program that delved deep into and around “CREDIT”, and on how to leverage it in one’s business and life in general.

Since then, I became involved in a supportive network with success-driven entrepreneurs which served as an impetus to my then future plans which was to help entrepreneurs break out of their financial shackles.

There are keys to financial freedom for everyone who is searching for a better, happier and more satisfying lifestyle. With that being said, I have successfully helped my clients methodically cut down their debts through a personalized financial strategy that is prepared for them individually.

If you are my client, I will provide you with proprietary tools and systems which will track your spending and daily expenditures and I coach and guide you in how to live a life below your means.

My approach to financial budgeting is comprehensive and yet it is easy to learn with tools and training that will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to take full control of your personal finances and to achieve and maintain lifelong financial stability and to build a legacy for their family.

In Short, I Help You Make Finances Easy, Fun and Rewarding.

Do You Want to Get Out and Stay Out of Debt?

Making + Saving Money Should Be Fun, Not Stressful.
Let Me Show You How To Transform Your Financial DNA.

And now, I am looking forward to embarking on a new journey to make use of the knowledge and education that I have accumulated from my first hand encounters that brought me and my client’s success to reach more entrepreneurs across the country, as long as they are determined to change their financial lives for the better.