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Michael here… I own and operate a personal injury law firm located in Nevada and we really wanted to take our social presence to the next level understanding the real value behind a recognizable and trusted brand. We have been working with Anthony and his team to produce and post content across all of our social media for a few months now and feel confident in vouching for his expertise and execution in building our brand. Even more so, his information in every caption and post was spot on to industry knowledge and the angle taken was directly in line with what we want to be seen as in the industry to help more clients solve their post injury concerns.

Michael Hannedy

CEO of Hannedy and Associates

I wanted to give a grand thank you to Anthony and ASPF Solutions for creating the best content I could of asked for to basically build Yellowtale’s brand from beginning to end. The quality of the design and information we were supported with was well beyond expectation and the results are coming in too which is the best part! Content is oxygen of our brand and we are so blessed to have ASPF Solutions be the creator and manager of all of it!

Eli Redonia

CEO of Yellowtale

As a non profit organization truly standing up for a cause in society that is under aware we really wanted to take our presence and impact on social media very seriously. Once we were ready to really act on this in a very real way we immediately reached out to Anthony and his team to begin this process for us. The team was so communicative and created content that absolutely blew our mind when it came to the messaging and the quality design. One thing is for sure, they completely took the brand building process off our hands to the extent we wanted it which worked so perfect with us. Overall, we grew 100% in follower count and engagement at just the end of Month 1 working with ASPF Solutions and we are off to the races now! Can’t thank Anthony and the team enough!

Shatalia Carter

Founder of Thrive LGBT

I have worked with Anthony for over three months now and in this time it has been nothing but amazing. Anthony has been able to help me scale my business. He broke down the different business tactics as well as broke down the emotional depths it takes to run a business. Since working with Anthony I’ve been able to launch so many new projects. He has really helped me unlock my creative power for creating content and building a brand. He truly helped me uncover my strengths and understand my weaknesses as business owner. Anthony has been a shoulder I can lean on
when it comes to businesses and even life. I can honestly say working with Anthony has been a game changer for me and my business and I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to work with Anthony to do it.

Luke Scheffers

CEO of Conscious Creation Media

ASPF Solutions and I just finished our second month of consulting and wanted to express to anyone else with a small business that the level of accessibility and strategy that I was given was just what the doctor ordered! Anthony and I worked hand and hand to gather an easy to execute branding strategy that actually speaks to what I wanted us to be
in the industry. I was very enthused when I heard Anthony’s language around creatively innovating and how we could potentially do that for Always Speedy. Defintely more than happy with the results so far and continuing for another month of support as well!

Stacy Garnwell

CEO of Always Speedy, LLC

“I have to say coming from another consulting company perspective, Anthony really simplified everything on our strategy of how we do business. Our major struggle was how do we brand ourselves both as a business entity as well as the people running our company meaning our actual consultants. This was extremely relieving to hear the exact tactics that are best geared toward our situation but also how to model it after how Anthony himself brands. This was so amazing because it gave us a baseline to always refer to when we got lost, and Anthony was so transparent and open to everything he does it just made everything sink in so well in how we executed. Where we are now with the new branding strategies is our engagement is 71% more than the first month we started with Anthony and our sales process has been 43% better converted from start to close than the first month’s average. Anthony really showed how the specifics behind the strategies he consulted us with trickled down to every part of our businesses evolvement. Really appreciate all of the hard work and time, thank YOU!”

Gabrielle Mackey

CEO of 742 Consulting

“I’m very proud to announce we have worked 1 on 1 with Anthony in our company structure and leadership training. I run a national education system for children through preschool and Kindergarten and we have had some discrepancies in our leadership across our company and really needed some help in improving efficiency and clarifying roles. Anthony introduced and kept accountable amazing strategies that allowed us to solve so many problems that have been repeating in the business with our leaders including managerial systems as well. Overall it was an eye opening experience working with Anthony and now our foundation of the company can support so much more!”

Warren Abbott

Owner of Destiny Learning Company

“I hired Anthony to help a lot with my ambition to expand out my coffee shop I run into multiple locations around Texas and then eventually nationally. He really helped with the company structure to be able to support that, as well as set me up with all of the branding to ensure I was building out the mission behind my brand as someone who genuinely is passionate about coffee. After working with Anthony we have successfully grown into our second location in Texas and have plans to expand into the third by mid next year! Really a heartfelt thank you to Anthony and his support, it changed the course of our growth perfectly!!”

Denise Mitchell

Owner of Over the Moon Cafe & Roasting CO.

“As lawyers we found it extremely difficult to put our brand as a priority as a business decision, mainly because most of our business came from word of mouth and referrals. However, we began to plateau and became reminded of the power of brand and leverage social media which created our efforts to hire ASPF Solutions. Anthony worked and supported us very diligently and provided us with the perfect strategy to bolster our image to our potential client base. Really appreciate Anthony for opening up our eyes and paving the way of innovating our business and already seeing an influx of leads and clients directly from our social media without running any ads either! Thank you again.”

Jane Potsdam

Founder of Potsdam & Ulysses, PLLC

“We run a digital marketing agency in Chicago, Illinois and reached out to Anthony to help on the business end. We honestly were a bit weary accepting help especially where expertise overlaped but wow were we wrong. The most valuable change we experienced with Anthony was just how much deeper it can go running and growing a business consistently toward growth. We are proudly set on a much more exciting and scaled path than we were and have brought on 4 times the amount of clients in the matter of 3 months from the changes we made in our business structure to be able to take on more clients as well as how we were branding ourselves to acquire more clients in the first place. We’re off to the races now thanks to Anthony!”

Tyler Bannon

CEO of Last Act Marketing

“Okay Anthony kind of eluded to not make it sound too flashy and just be honest with our experience in whatever that means but let me just brag for a second. We’ve tried to hire help so many times with the business and Anthony came in with the perfect fit for everything we needed and really patched up so many holes we didn’t know we had in the business on top of the issues we were aware of. We run an organic make up line for women and just the business strategy alone transformed our outlook for the future, let alone all of the actual hands on work We did on branding us across social and setting everything up on the sales end. A big big thank you to Anthony and the ASPF Solutions team, you changed pretty much everything for the better and gave so much clarity! Thank you again!”

Barbara Elstate

Founder of Reclame Beauty

“I hired ASPF Solutions for some help with my energy drink company. My main hurdle I was trying to get over was setting up a good structure with the business to ensure we were growing properly year over year without me slaving over it day in and day out. Anthony’s strategies and set up when it came to my business as well as who to hire and when and how to vet everything to ensure it aligned with me and my vision was really remarkable. I no longer am working nearly as much and we are profiting and growing like crazy since the midpoint of 2021. Really utilized Anthony’s help which if I’m being completely honest, didn’t even know I needed as much as I did. Much appreciated!”

Bob Silick

Owner of Fury, LLC

“We have been working with Anthony and his team around our branding and marketing. We are a clothing brand geared toward a very wide market and really needed some support in articulating and ironing out all the details of how we are going to brand ourselves as a company. I’ve honestly never worked with a business so hands on and cared this much about us specifically in what differentiated us from all the other clothing brands out there, Since working with Anthony the entire sales process from the moment a customer notices us to the purchase moment is as without friction as humanely possible, which is what Anthony always made sure of and strongly suggested. Thanks Anthony for all the hard work and constant support!”

Jessica May

Owner of Aced Clothing

“I wanted to take this time to really recommend Anthony, I reached out to him because I needed help with Sales training, but received so so much more in return around the way I run my business. The way he explained everything and taught me his own methods was phenomenal. He provided an angle of sales that completely changed the way I operated the sales process in my company. Anthony also trained me and my staff around actual sales script success. We went over some of the most high level sales strategy in terms of speaking over the phone and in person that I’ve come across and really put an emphasis on how emotional tactics both within ourselves and outwardly play a much bigger role than I thought in actual close rate. I strongly suggest having Anthony be your Go-To guy for all things sales and business strategy!”

Hammaad Khan

CEO of Ecopic Media, LLC

”I hired SPF Solutions for consulting on a project my business was operating on a few months ago. We were seeking help around the process of delegating and team building that supported our mission of our service within media management. We were struggling in confusion of what to do next to appropriately put those best fit in the right role both for the success of them and of our company. Anthony genuinely uplifted and broke everything down that we were doing that was limiting the scalability of the company and then provided us with elite level delegation processes that set us up to maximize our Q3 benchmark and the owners, including me, are so much more relieved with proper time management and roles. What really provided the sustainability of it all too was how he explained the back end of emotional intelligence to muster sustained results to us as the owners to keep everything with the staff aligned with our ambition.”

Edward Mendez

CEO of the Mendez Group

“As the Founder and standing CEO of my company for over 8 years we’ve been able to present ourselves as a big player in the investment world and have built a reputation on Wall Street in New York City that precedes us. We hired Anthony to consult our marketing department first on our company branding strategy as well as consulting our tactical marketing efforts and Anthony exposed so much that helped our company stand out to the classic corporate theme investment companies so often do, I’m a very creative brain and wanted to be able to resonate with audiences that wouldn’t view us that way while still presenting a professional and competent structure in place to our loyal clientele and competitors. I also hired Anthony to consult my roles and authorities as the CEO in terms of appropriate delegation and maximizing each role beneath me to bring out the ultimate version of ROl on the companies time and resources. He was able to consult me extremely effectively around how using emotional intelligence in a corporate setting as the person at the top of the ladder is as important as anything else in the company, seeing as it all starts from the top down. When we first hired ASPF Solutions there were several areas that needed some changing and as a company planted in the fortune 1000 family we can confidently say we needed his help and would recommend to any other business to receive his approach to business strategy.”

Michael Kelly

CEO of Investment Science, LLP

“Ive been working with Anthony and the team closely for about 4 months and Anthony really never disappoints when it comes to his ability to simplify and make everything in my business so attainable. One of the most ROl based outcomes I have Anthony’s consulting to thank for was the fact that he completely built out my company’s sales training that we do for a service to other businesses. He was able to come in to our team of sales men and women and shape the exact processes from acquisition all the way to the objections that normally come with closing. We still use the ASPF Solutions sales system and continue to lean on Anthony and the team to this day to continually evolve it. We’ve worked on a lot of emotional intelligence work as well in the sales training as well as myself as the owner because as he always emphasizes “how you influence someone else on a sales call is directly rooted in your relationship with yourself” so we worked a lot on that in very deep levels to places that may have felt very uncomfortable at first to face and acknowledge but ended up bringing in the biggest results and shifting the floor we thought we were standing on the entire time… today as we stand we are doing 18X per month what we started with when we first hired ASPF Solutions so we couldn’t be happier and will always support his efforts and recommend and refer him to countless businesses in our own network.”

Jordan Apodaca

Managing Partner of Evolve Training, Inc.

” I have had a podcast on apple and iTunes top charted podcasts now for a few years and seeked out Anthony’s expertise around branding and marketing to really provide my podcast with the proper fuel to get it in front of more eyes and ears to be able to impact more and more people. The tactical approach Anthony took to me and my podcast helped so much, many people think having a podcast is just having a conversation and the posting it.. take it from me, it surely is not. I knew Anthony and his company had worked with a few other podcasts in the past so I trusted his strategy and wow am I thankful I did. Anthony single handedly was the driving force to get the podcast in video form and how to distribute content form that the proper way to bolster the brand I wanted my audience to receive and it changed a lot. The branding strategies he provided me not only helped more and more people to consume my podcast but through the personal branding side of the coin it also allowed myself to network with higher level and harder to reach guests which I would of never had the ability to connect with prior. The podcast has never been better and also can’t thank Anthony enough for actually being a guest on my podcast himself! We are now growing even higher and higher on the charts and are fully booked up into the end of 2022!”

Reginald Dillard

Creator & Host of “Man Up To Greatness” podcast

“I have about an entire notebook full of strategy from working with Anthony! We have worked together for a few months and focused mainly on branding and marketing as a whole. I run two different companies and are both product based businesses so we spoke about the depths of direct to consumer marketing and Anthony gave some creative strategies that really allowed the brand of my businesses to build a community which was what I really wanted when I first started my businesses. Anthony always said that you have to “cut off good to get great, and let go of great to get epic” and that made a lot of sense to me in my timing of business having made solid figures in revenue and have set up things appropriately but needed the right catalyst to spring me into where I really needed to be, Anthony’s consulting really did that for my businesses and myself. The feeling of calmness with his emphasis on practicality and accountability throughout the time we spent together was really admirable and I carry that on to my staff now too as well. Thanks so much Anthony and the ASPF Solutions team!”

Misty Marcum

CEO of Evolve Paddle Boards & Luna Moon, LLC

“Being the owner and lead trainer in à performance training business I’ve worked with people 1 on 1 for some good time now, but Anthony really modeled how working with someone especially 1 on 1 should be done! His communication was spotless and without fail every week and whenever I needed him for a quick question about something. I struggled a lot with exactly how to view the back end of things including the ability to monitor my sales and understand how to maximize the revenue coming in to then keep growing it. I genuinely felt stuck and that I had so much more to give my clients and the people out there who I could help if only I could get in front of them. Anthony really consulted me beyond how to maximize my revenue though, because we worked on how to build my personal brand as a trainer to strategize every second of content across all of social media, which ill be honest was tough for me to wrap my head around… but that’s really why I appreciated having Anthony and his team there so that I could take something that I knew I wanted and knew I could attain but didn’t have the right strategy to make it happen. Working with Anthony really made that happen, plus the fact that we did 4X the revenue and investment in 2 months in the business doesn’t hurt either! Thanks again Anthony”

Jaden Musick

JM Performance

“I just finished two months working with Anthony and his company and the shifts in my business growth have been amazing to me as the lead videographer in my business. I’m a one man band, and when I first got connected with Anthony I knew he mainly worked with bigger companies but I knew he had so much to offer me in terms of where I could take my business. Having his communication every week really allowed me to breathe and trust that I was growing the way I wanted to, and overall be completely set up the foundational pieces in my business that took what was just me filming videos for brands and turned it into a full fledged business that I’m now able to charge top tier pricing and have had the ability to work with some of the biggest businesses and names out there mainly because of how Anthony consulted me on how to brand myself appropriately to be able to score clients of bigger and better magnitude.”

Jared Jimenez

JJ Videography

“Ive had the pleasure of working personally with Anthony for over 5 months, and every on the continues to bring in more and more elevations than the last. We’ve worked extensively in all portions of my business not only back on track but away from a bad route I was heading. Anthony completely built out our sales system and process from the ground up which was one of the biggest game changers on my end as the owner. He was also able to educate me and steer my doings on the appropriate back end systems that were necessary to grow a business. I remember me and my team scrambling through different systems on the back end, even financially and legally, and just were at a complete loss, but Anthony really helped shape all of that to where it is now and where it needs to be. Even more so, he showed me 1 on 1 how to leverage my brand, we talked so much on this, sometimes would focus on this for weeks at a time and really helped develop the top of the funnel brand that built so much trust with my audience that actually engages and allows me to impact! Thanks Anthony!”

Jacob Jonuzi

Founder of Wolf In Training, LLC

“Anthony has been consulting my company for a few months now and from what has been able to grow since day 1 I couldn’t be any more pleased with the support I’ve received. We’ve focused so much on how to leverage both the brand of myself and the business brand to accommodate a legitimate growth trajectory that aligns with my ambition. If I had to say one thing that changed the most from Anthony and his team, it would have to be how he made something that supposedly is so complicated, confusing, and heavy into tactical executions that he was actually able to guide me through the process that at the end of the day became simple, relieving, and understandable, and even better I could actually see the tangible changes not only in my revenue but in my clarity, which was one of my biggest puzzle pieces I was trying to figure out before working with ASPF Solutions.”

Sakariye Abdi

Founder of Abdi Media, LLC

“I have worked with Anthony for 3 months so far and ongoing, and honestly he’s brought out sides of me as the owner that surprise me everyday. We focus a lot on long term strategy with my innovative bandaid company and so far we’ve been able to fill a lot of the gaps that the business itself was experiencing that truly limited our ability to scale to where we want to be both on the production side and the brand building side. Ive worked with a few other people in the past to seek help with my business and nothing came anywhere close to the hands on and holistic approach Anthony and his team had toward me and my company. Thank you Anthony!”

Brenna Evelyn

CEO of Essynergy Bandaids

“After only working with Anthony and ASPF Solutions for a month now, I’ve seen shifts in the strategy of my business that prior to working with Anthony I was actually unaware of. Working with Anthony and the company green lighted a lot of the things that were being done properly and brought to light some major hurdles that would of caught up with my business really soon, which is why I was so happy the on boarding process was so smooth and easy to get started. Anthony even helped me as the owner around how, I as the man, was complicating a lot of very simple tactics and really impressed me with how it was all rooted in my emotions and perspectives. Overall, couldn’t be happier with Anthony’s consulting services for my business, we’ve already doubled our initial projections for this month, and really excited to see the growth continue.”

Daniel Espinas

CEO of Growth Experts, LLC