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Understanding Google Analytics: How to Measure Your Website’s Success

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The absolute dream of any blogger or website owner is to see the published content in SERPs. After all, writing and posting content is not enough! To stand out in the SEO industry, you must analyze many factors through Google Analytics.

Many people solely focus on the right use or integration of keywords, while some depend on checking the conversion rate. But, the reality is far different from this. To analyze your website’s success, you must deal with countless dimensions and analytics.

To do so, Google Analytics seems like the best solution. This tool offered by Google is now making its place in the market to bring the best results. By analyzing the overall growth of your website, you can make amendments with this tool.

However, if you’re looking to measure the growth of your website with Google Analytics, you have come to the right place. In the following article, we have explained all factors that you need to focus on.

Let’s start!

·        Look for the Page Views

Analyzing traffic to your website is one of the easiest ways to know where you’re standing. Google Analytics shows the traffic exposure through page views. It directly corresponds with the number of times your website is viewed.

Here’s more:

This section of Google Analytics will show you reports of all pages, either a landing page or a product page. Also, if your blog has a subfolder or sub-page, this tool will show its page views too.

·        Check the Average Time Spent on Your Page

Once you’re done checking the page views, there is another section where you can check the average time your readers spend on your website. If the reading time of your content doesn’t go well with the time readers spend on it, there is something wrong with the content.

You must start checking the introduction, headline, or writing quality of your published blog.

·        Don’t Forget About the Quality of Search Traffic

Here comes another amazing thing that you can analyze with the help of Google Analytics. Checking the quality of SEO traffic is as important as the conversion rate of readers. To do so, you can check the report named Assisted Conversions. Go to Multi-channel funnels and observe the improvement or decline in the traffic on your website.

·        Check the Returning Visitor in Google Analytics

If you’re publishing high-quality and converting content, there are chances that you will get a large number of returning visitors. Google Analytics also helps determine this metric to know the success extent of your blog.

You can check this factor by checking the behavior section and site content. You can observe the returning visitors on all pages.

·        Study the Engagement Rate by Google Analytics

Last but not least, you can observe the growth of your website by studying the engagement rate via Google Analytics. Once you open the engagement metrics on this tool, you’ll get access to the engagement sessions, user engagement, and average engagement time. You can study all these factors and make changes accordingly.

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