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What Are The Best Social Media Platforms To Use For Your Money?

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When deciding which social media platforms to use for your money or paid ads, it is important to consider the return for your money. This means that your ad campaign needs to be profitable in the first place.

If you want more out of your advertising campaigns but need to know how to test which social media platforms are worth your money, this blog post is for you.

In this article, we’ll look at the differences between ad networks to help figure out which platforms are cost-effective. This can become an important question if you want to learn more about digital advertising.

Top Platforms Which Are the Best to Use for Your Money

Here are the top social media platforms which you must know before starting an ads campaign on your social media account:

1.    Google

Google is the most expensive platform to run ads on, but it’s also the most effective and cost-effective. Google allows you to reach people searching for your target keyword or phrase. This makes your ads much more relevant than trying to reach an audience that needs to be actively looking for what you’re selling.

Suppose you’re running an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram. In that case, the number of impressions per $ spent will be lower than if those same dollars were spent on Google Ads.

These platforms require advertisers who want their posts seen by as many people as possible. They can reach their desired audiences quickly and efficiently before other advertisers steal all those impressions away from them.

2.    Facebook

Facebook is a social network, and it’s the most popular network in the world. It has more than 1 billion users, and more than 1,000 people are on Facebook every second. Facebook ads can be highly effective for reaching your target market and generating leads or sales for your business.

Even though many factors could affect your Facebook ad costs, research indicates that marketers can anticipate paying about $0.94 per click and $12.07 per thousand impressions. If you are employing lead ads, the average cost per lead is $5.83. If this amount sounds absurdly excessive, keep in mind that if you master audience targeting, your cost may go down significantly.

3.    Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform to advertise on because it’s a visual, mobile platform with a large user base. Over 1 billion people use Instagram each month and log in for nearly an hour daily.

Instagram is also much targeted with its algorithm, so you can be sure that the right audience will see your ads in the right place at the right time.

Instagram advertisements will cost $0.40 to $0.70 per engagement in 2021(Including clicks, comments, and likes). Instagram’s CPC was between $0.50 and $0.95 for ads with a destination URL. The price per thousand impressions fluctuated between $2.50 and $3.50.

4.    TikTok

How do TikTok’s costs compare to other social media platforms, given that it only started its official advertising campaign in 2021?

Like other ad platforms, TikTok allows you to choose a daily or lifetime budget for promoting. Still, the service has minimum budget criteria to guarantee that your ad is constantly delivered:

  • Budgets must be at least $50 daily and total at the campaign level.
  • Minimum budget for each ad group: Daily budgets must be more than $20, and lifetime budgets are determined by multiplying the minimum daily budget by the campaign’s duration.

5.    Twitter

Twitter is also an excellent social media platform when it comes time to promote content specifically in alignment with your brand identity; think about how many times companies have run ads promoting their latest product release during live sports events.

6.    Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to advertise your business, but it can be expensive. If you’re spending money on ads on Pinterest, you should look at how much return you’re getting for your investment.


When deciding which platform to use for your website, consider which social media platforms are the cheapest to run ads on. This can help you save money and have an effective marketing campaign.

One thing to remember when deciding on a platform is that if you’re running ads, you will want to think about what brings you the most value. At ASPF Solutions, a successful marketing campaign requires a deep understanding of your brand, your target audience, and your goals. That’s why we take a data-driven approach to all our projects, using analytics and research to inform our decisions and maximize results.

We have the knowledge and expertise to support you, whether your goal is to raise brand awareness, improve website traffic, or turn more leads into sales.

So, if you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, get in touch with us today, and let’s start building a stronger online presence for your brand!

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